Blaming himself for not being able to save her, he becomes detached from the Miyamizu family and its traditions. Are some people caught in the loop of 5 and others the loop of 6. I originally watched this in a theater in Tokyo without any English subtitles, and I just got around to watching it with English, so it is really nice to see a decent attempt to explain the contents. This is why Toshiki was never able to retain his connection with Futaba after she died like Taki was able to retain his connection with Mitsuha—Toshiki rejected tradition, while Taki embraced it. Maybe all these three things in three different places on earth come from the same origin? So even when Taki gives Mitsuha back her red yarn thread and their memory of one another is severed…they never really forget one another, right? While reading this, I wondered if kataware could be related to the splitting of time and identity. 2. Everybody keeps talking about how strange she was acting. You might wonder how their bodies are suddenly able to transcend time and space to meet in the same spot, but this meeting was actually set up much earlier in the movie. Ex : "avec souplesse" (pour cela) to this end, to this effect, for this purpose expr expression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own. They feel a connection and chase after each other. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Réflexion - une instance Peertube pour mes conférences, 4. See more. The reason why they forget each bcz it’s like a dream they don’t remember….. It’s important to start from the beginning—like, the very beginning. This word has profound meaning. If the thread is equal to the twisting of time it makes since when Taki unravels it and give it to her meaning the timeline is broken but is fixed when she ties the thread back together as a different timeline on her body. I saw it for the first time not long after acid and just the whole look of it is similar especially and the circle place they meet. While performing the kuchikamizake ceremony, Mitsuha’s classmates make fun of her. First, the one that created the shrine of Musubi, then the one that created the lake, then the one that destroys Ishimori. So when she hands that thread to Taki later in the movie, she’s not just creating a spiritual link—she’s offering half of herself to someone she shares a bond with. Mitsuha and Taki’s description of what they feel when those comets fall through the sky isn’t specific, or logical, or definite—it’s ambiguous, and cryptic, and enigmatic. I can contribute a bit more with the cultural background. Taki now randomly wakes up in Mitsuha’s body in an alternate timeline three years before she dies. crépuscule - Traduction anglaise de crépuscule depuis le français, d'après le dictionnaire Français-Anglais - Cambridge Dictonary 1 Erreur #1 : absence de diversification sectorielle. Musubi – knotting. Il est également amusant de remarquer que, 万葉集, manyôshû, qui veut dire le recueil de 1000 feuilles, peut être corrélé à Mitsuha, qui dans sa famille reprennent le kanji 葉 qui signifie la feuille (Mitsuha, Yotsuha, etc). crépuscule nautique représente le temps du Soleil prend une passe de -6 ° à -12 ° sous l’horizon, dans cette période sont distingués ligne d’horizon et les étoiles principales. Taki decides to go looking for Mitsuha. Les Parisiens, peu préparés à une invasion ennemie, étaient gagnés par la contagion de la panique. So the only communication is writing on each other’s phones when they switch. That shrine and old documents were destroyed, and this is known as (The Great Fire of Mayugoro). Even though they’re three years apart, the connection between the first comet and the second comet that destroyed Itomori has allowed for two different timelines to merge—the world with Itomori, and the world without Itomori. You can use this for a bare-bones explanation of Your Name’s plot. This website was… how do you say it? Did taki and mitsuha ended up being together? I assume the word was created because the Miyamizus once understood the importance of the spiritual connections they shared with others. Un homme est pendu au bout d'une corde, on va le décrocher, la corde a disparu. Second, the comet isn’t a time glitch. It also makes sense that the god made them meet at the edge of the crater where the shrine is, it could mean Musubi’s powers is more powerful there. Kakuriyo also means “world of the gods” or basically the “hidden world”. It topped the charts and still remains a legend in the anime world. Taki is actually 3 years younger than Mitsuha (and teshi and sayaka too) And Your Name treats that feeling as an ethereal one. C'est fabriqué. one question.. were Mitsuha and Taki the same age? When you switch back, your classmate will see it and they will write back. And I think the movie’s plot can be much better understood if we lay out all of its main components in chronological order. Surtout, Your Name. When they switch back, Mitsuha is back on her body. Explicate definition is - to give a detailed explanation of. In that case the god is whatever remnant of the first impact is causing the phenomenon and the rituals are a means of taking advantage of that phenomenon. He wouldn’t be a good god if he wasn’t gonna atleast make them see each other. Many times it can feel like Your Name is purposely leaving out information to trip you up. That’s time.”. thank you very much for this, i just watched this with my son, i was so confused, love the movie but just didnt get some parts. Source:, In japan, It is not an obligation for women to have their husband’s last name. But back in the future where Mitsuha is dead, Taki is in his own body when he visits the shrine and drinks the kuchikamizake. LIKE A LOT!!! Create a name you don’t need to keep secret. And the scene where Taki falls and is seeing Mitsuhas life is all connected by a red thread and it’s connected through space and time. It is used when discussing a story and if the story can be easily followed by the reader. Several fragments of a comet fall through the sky. This is an important moment, right? Nothing more, nothing less than a beautiful view.”. 2.1 Des secteurs absents en France…; 2.2 Des économies découplées…; 2.3 Une devise procyclique…; 3 Erreur #3 : vouloir « faire des coups » !. I already understood what was going on after a few rewatches and let me explain it by detail here, but hey these are just my opinions you can debunk it: First off as all of you know the Miyamizu Family has been worshiping Musubi, the mountain god. Keep in mind, you might not be able to change your name later. They converge, take shape, twist, tangle = Taki and Mitsuha switching bodiesand forming a bond. A couple things to take away from that quote. How did Mitsuha leave notes in Taki’s phone, if she was from the future? You’ll offer it inside the god’s body. Leaving it required leaving their memories of each other; the thing that was most important to them. I’m so confused about why mitsuha noticed body switching in second time after seeing ‘who are you?’ that taki asked in first time. Cest comme si je cherchais quelque chose ou quelquun. Toho. Ni aube ni crépuscule. I believe this to be a poignant commentary on love. This feeling has possessed me I think from that day when the stars came falling. ylg is a fanfiction author that has written 1,053 stories for RG Veda, Rose of Versailles, Sailor Moon, Wish, X-Men, Card Captor Sakura, Misc. They converge and take shape. I think that’s a local dialect. You start to focus on plot details, like how the Red String of Fate functions, or how Mitsuha’s and Taki’s realities could possibly intersect when they live three years apart, or how drinking kuchikamizake connects the two teenagers. Ubuntu - Comment avoir la dernière version du client Nextcloud ? That term lived on as long as it could through the generations, but now only the elderly even remember the term. We later learn from Hitoha that all of the women in Miyamizu family line have spiritual ties with random people (which explains the link Mitsuha shares with Taki). Montherlant, Le Démon du bien, 1937, p. 1249. Together, they recite these opening lines: “Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying. source regroupé en un seul message :). I think this is an important mindset to have heading into a plot explanation of the movie. Also remember: Mitsuha created the kuchikamizake, but it was Taki in Mitsuha’s body that offered the kuchikamizake in the Miyamizu Shrine. I mean this could have also happened( mitsuha exchanges Taki’s body,goes to tokyo but is unrecognized by taki,comet hits then she dies.. Leaving the taki of same 2013 witnessing the comet.. Then after 3 years taki exchanges body of the same mitsuha that died on Oct 4 2013.. Musubi may refer to: Musubi-no-Kami, the Shinto Kami of matchmaking, love, and marriage, similar to the Chinese Yue Lao. Mitsuhaya and Taki met on top of the mountain but after the twilight they return to their perspective timeline. Building a life with someone means inviting them into your home, into your life, and then building a new home and life with them. Connecting people is Musubi. They knew that the land where the first comets struck was sacred, so they built a shrine there and housed all of their documented beliefs there as well. Myself 13th of 6th and her 12th of 11th. 10 synonyms of clarification from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 26 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Which means, If Taki switches with Mitsuha, he is in her body. Les Fleurs du mal (French pronunciation: [le flœʁ dy mal]; English: The Flowers of Evil) is a volume of French poetry by Charles Baudelaire.First published in 1857 (see 1857 in poetry), it was important in the symbolist and modernist movements. Your name is the one part of your life that society cannot strip away. Ajouté dans World of Warcraft Classic. But, again, everyone has forgotten about the term kataware-doki. − Je vais vous prêter plusieurs livres : le journal de Tolstoï et celui de sa femme. Donc, comme expliqué dans le film, 黄昏 (tasogare), le crépuscule, s’écrivait auparavant 誰そ彼 (tasogare) le premier caractère veut dire "qui ?" There are many cameo appearances; Taki and Mitsuha probably being the most prominent. Répondre à cet appel signifiait accepter la demande. Then I realized anime is an anagram of name with an i added and her name is anna which is similar to anagram and anime. It was almost as if a scene from a dream. Tous les décès depuis 1970, évolution de l'espérance de vie en France, par département, commune, prénom et nom de famille ! C 1 messages, Ju, @FortyJu sur Twitter a fait un excellent thread d’explication de la scène du crépuscule du film d’animation Your Name - Kimi no na wa And in that shrine, the Miyamizu women perform a ritual where they leave “half” of themselves to the gods by creating kuchikamizake—a rice-based alcohol that uses human saliva as a fermentation starter. Cétait romantique. So, we can imagine that they are together and that he adopted her last name. That it shares both a divine and a metaphorical connection with the future comet that will destroy Itomori. Finally I have found something that helped me. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. She breeds that attitude in Mitsuha, but is unable to have Toshiki carry on with the Miyamizu customs. Oh! Unknown to them however the god actually has the ability to to switch the consciousness of two people in different places of time as vaguely explained by the grandma when she, Taki (within Mitsuha’s body) and Yotsuha went to the shrine. Does anyone else get lsd vibes from this? Just very interesting how me and the current girl I’m seeing are born on these dates. Michel Jonasz avait tellement confiance en nos deux noms quil pensait suffisant de les écrire sur une pierre et de les lancer au loin pour quils retombent inlassablement de la même manière et toujours du même côté. A new website helps you figure out how common your name is in different parts of the world, where it may have come from and where you may be most likely to find long lost relatives. Her grandma says, “When you keep twining like that, emotions will eventually start flowing between you and the thread. The reason they forgot each other was explained by grandma when they first went to the shrine to drop off the sake; “past this point is ‘kakuriyo’; the underworld! A Kami is something that you must understand and work with, possibly even bribe, trick, or appease through rituals. This gets at the title of the movie, and highlights the importance of the classroom scene when Mitsuha sees the message from Taki. Why not ‘kataware-doki’?”, Teacher: “Kataware-doki? 1) yeah, as someone noted: the wish to be a boy in her next life comes after the ritual. If a moment steps outside the movie’s logical structure? He writes about the impact of art on his life and the world around us. All you need is the courage to finally invite them in when you find them. Because of this, the Underworld took something of equal importance; their memories of each other. 1.1 Rappelons que classiquement, dix secteurs sont identifiés :; 2 Erreur #2 : absence de diversification géographique. Cette période était donc propice à demander "qui es tu ?". From Taki’s vision, we learn that the death of Mitsuha’s mother devastated Mitsuha’s father, Toshiki. Your Name - Eurozoom Attendu au Japon le 19 juillet 2019, Tenki no Ko pourrait être présenté au festival du film d'animation d'Annecy en juin. I do, however, want to share my opinion on why they forgot each other. Just like how celebrating Thanksgiving allows us to connect with Pilgrims who happened upon America, Taki and Mitsuha’s embracement of tradition allows them to retain their connection, regardless of time or space. Sauf pour le 11, qui est écrite par Taki "petit boulot", qui doit correspondre à un mois différent. When the world blurs and one might encounter something not human.”. Motley Fool writer Dayana Yochim says the majority of errors involve dates, but other mistakes can happen, too. I assume ur theory then I think if it’s timeline changed then he didn’t go to itomori Village….. That comet’s accuracy is honestly so unbelievable that if you said it was an advanced alien weapon it’d be more plausible statistically. L’explication se trouve d’une part simplement dans notre propre vision qui est axé sur un champ de vision large. But before I get into explaining the plot of Your Name, let’s remember that opening quote from Mitsuha and Taki and what it represents. Remember: that term is a local dialect. So even if Toshiki was Futaba’s spiritual connection, the fact that he abandons Miyamizu traditions keeps him from re-establishing his connection with her—unlike Taki, who visits the Miyamizu Shrine and retains his connection with Mitsuha even after she dies. Credit report mistakes are extremely common. In truth, it is not a mountain god and the mountains are not the overwriting characteristic underlying the spiritual character of that land. But the thing that triggers me is was there really an alternate timeline.. The old expression, kataware-doki, is a “classical” language, meaning it was a term used often by elderly members of the community. My only question here is, is there any particular reason why Mitsuha’s time travel is 3 years to the future? Il ne s'était jamais montré dans ce déguisement depuis soixante-dix ans, c'est-à-dire depuis qu'il avait, par ce moyen, fait à la belle lady Barbara Modish une telle frayeur qu'elle avait repris sa promesse de mariage au grand-père du lord Canterville actuel, et s'était enfuie à Gretna Green, avec le … That is the reason they lost their memories. Also the sunset 6 o’clock… Look at the hands hmmmm. They met up at that location a second time. Synonym Discussion of explicate. Love is hard work and requires two people to invest in one another. Correction : 万 man signifie bien sûr 10 000 et pas 1000 comme précédemment indiqué. please do educate me on this, I’m so dying to know. Then connect again = Taki being able to swtich with Mitsuha for the last time when he drinks Mitsuha’s rice wine (which by the way can be explained by saying that it is half of her and Musubi since it was created during the ritual). He was able to experience the same mitsuha’s body who was going to be killed.. Then in this case, why would we need an alternate timeline, Makoto shinkai is really amazing he had remained the story at thier main points so that we can develop our on Theories. The rituals are a covenant with Musubi that bring them to that crater in that way every autumn before the comet is to return on its 1200 year cycle. Typing thread is Musubi. Was Toshiki the person she shared a spiritual connection with? Likewise, you forgot that the inside of the shrine to their god depicts the comet itself. At “tasogare-doki”, a time of day when different worlds blur together, Taki and Mitsuha switch back to their bodies and meet at the shrine. Call Me By Your Name, ça parait évident. Perhaps it was always known the second comet would strike, and that knowledge was passed down from generation to generation? Love all of it. Love is not bound by space or time, but instead by the individuals who are inextricably connected no matter where they are. Before being pushed out of the train, she manages to throw her red yarn bracelet to him. J’attends mon bien aimé, ce 誰そ彼, a donc la signification de "qui es-tu", et du crépuscule, car dans l’ancien temps, le crépuscule était considéré comme l’heure où le vivant et non vivant se rencontraient, mais ne pouvaient pas se distinguer l’un de l’autre. He drinks the kuchikamizake.